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Operating Systems for Embedded Processing

Software for Embedded Systems/NetModule helps you to choos the operating system and bootloader for your embedded system.
System security is crucial for embedded systems. Protect your assets. - Operating Systems for Embedded Processing

Efficiency, costs and real time performance are key aspects of an operating system for Embedded Devices.

The operating system has a huge impact on the overall system and application behavior; therefore it is important to evaluate the pros and cons of different operating systems in relation to the dedicated use case in order to meet all demands of a target specific application.

Based on our huge experience with developing highly complex embedded systems, we follow these general guidelines:

  • Embedded Linux provides a wide range of protocols and applications that lets your augment your system with new functionality.
  • Display centric applications profit from a multitude of libraries and the well-known graphical user interface of Windows Embedded Compact.
  • For resource-limited MCUs, MQX is a good fit. It is small and scalable yet it provides you with additional modules such communication suite, file system, USB stack.

Additional factors such as Intellectual Property, company in house competences, licenses cost and supported platforms need to be addressed and included in the evaluation.

NetModule supports you in this decision phase with profound experience from many projects with various operating systems.

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