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Technologies and Competences of NetModule

Technologies and Competences of NetModule/Technology competence of NetModule for the development of Embedded Systems - Technologies and Competences of NetModule

NetModule’s engineering services rely on a rich set of technology competences necessary to develop innovative Embedded Systems.

The development of Embedded Systems needs always to focus on the target application and not primary on the technology itself. This is why the selection of the deployable technology is most often driven by economic factors, quality requirements, availability, knowhow, development time and so on.

The selection needs careful evaluation and shall be based on:

  • Comprehensive expertise and experience of available technologies
  • Risk analysis including availability, performance, maturity
  • Integral evaluation of the entire system solution and selection of technologies with respect to other system components (SW/HW Co-Design)
  • Consideration of consequences for development methodologies, production processes and lifecycle management.

As engineering partner for full-blown systems NetModule has a complete picture of methods and technologies required to develop complete Embedded Devices.

Our expert teams facilitate these competences in their day to day business for system design as well as for software, hardware and microelectronics engineering.

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