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Systems that Meet Your Needs

Systems that meet your needs/From providing advice to  the turn-key design and implementation of your system: NetModule is your  specialist partner for embedded system design. - Systems that Meet Your Needs

Defining the architecture of an Embedded System requires convergence of technology and applications in one solution.

Typical challenges of Embedded System design:

  • Understand the product application and use cases
  • Defining and capturing the design of the system
  • Meeting reliability and safety requirements
  • Cost and resource limitations
  • Cope with physical constraints such as power budget

System architecture is a method to address these challenges. By defining a high-level blueprint of the system you get a graphical tool to communicate the concept to the stakeholders and involve them in the design process.

We use state of the art tools (such as Enterprise Architect from Sparc Systems) to work on architectural models. Such graphical models provide a common discussion platform for interdisciplinary teams.
Methods like the Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method (ATAM) can be used to evaluate software architectures relative to quality attribute goals such as extensibility, reliability and portability.

We are Experts

  • Co-design and joint optimization of hardware and software
  • Providing expert advice for new designs
  • Providing advice and concepts for secure systems
  • Analyzing and assessing existing architectures
  • Finding the most economic solution with respect to total cost of ownership

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