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Reliable Software for Embedded Systems

Expert in embedded software/NetModule is an expert in software design for embedded systems. From consulting to turn-key projects: We are your partner. - Reliable Software for Embedded Systems

Time-to-market rules but resources are limited?
NetModule helps you to meet this challenge!

Time-to-market and new technologies challenge the product development process. Along with the core functionality, new features such as new communication interfaces, new HMI concepts or remote management are expected. Not to forget: Reliability of your product is of utmost importance.
On the other hand, your engineering resources are limited and expert knowledge is not available.

NetModule helps you to meet this challenge by:

  • Providing expert advice and consulting
  • Reinforcing your team with individual specialists or a complete development team
  • Taking the responsibility for single components or the entire software project
  • Providing proven platforms ready to be tailored to your needs

We life reliability! Our wireless routers connect trains, buses and industrial appliances. Worldwide!

We are Experts

  • Designing adequate and future proof system architectures
  • Development in C/C++ for real-time and Embedded Systems
  • Communication and wireless technologies
  • Embedded Linux, VxWorks and Windows Embedded Compact
  • Designing secure systems (secure boot / chain of trust)
Yocto Project Participant

You want to use Linux for your Embedded Device?
NetModule is Yocto Project Participant!

NetModule provides Yocto Project technical support and professional linux embedded development, consultancy and training services combining the freedom of open source software with the security of full commercial support. 

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Stefan Leuenberger

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