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Leading Projects to Success – on Schedule

NetModule project management offering/NetModule engineers help you to manage your project.  - Leading Projects to Success – on Schedule

Increasing complexity, tight schedules and limited budgets call for an agile and flexible project management.

We offer professional project management services for interdisciplinary engineering projects in the area of Embedded Systems and help you to plan and realize projects on time and budget.

NetModule's engineers are engaged in Embedded System design and project management on a daily basis. The vertical integrated organization makes them specialists in both: project management techniques and development processes.

On request, our comprehensive set of ISO9001 certified engineering and project management processes and tools can be applied to your project.

Our experience from projects in different industries and application areas as well as with our own products is your guarantee for a successful, cost effective and on schedule project execution.

We are Experts

  • Agile and flexible project management
  • Complex, interdisciplinary projects (hardware, firmware and software)
  • Managing all resources contributing to the product development (product managers, internal and external development teams, EMS, certification labs)

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Stefan Leuenberger

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