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Fast, Future-proof, Reliable!

Fast, Future-proof, Reliable!/NetModule is an expert in hardware design for embedded systems. From consulting to turn-key projects: We are your partner. - Fast, Future-proof, Reliable!

From simple interface boards to complex med-tech products: Our development process scales to your needs and we deliver the solution that fits.

Take advantage from our experience and from our field proven platforms and modules. Your benefit is an optimized solution in terms of:

  • Risk
  • Time to market
  • Cost of ownership

The result is a competitive advantage for your product!

We are Experts

  • Profound expertise in designing highly complex, devices and systems
  • Reliable, EMC aware and designed for manufacturing
  • Developing our own products for the industrial market gives us a strong background in the applicable technologies and standards
  • Offshore sourcing, production and testing in China at our Hong Kong premises

Stefan Leuenberger  Netmodule

Stefan Leuenberger

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