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BSPs that Work!

BSPs that work!/NetModule develops BSPs and drivers for various HW and SW platforms.
Expert knowledge for Linux, VxWorks, Windows and U-Boot. - BSPs that Work!

You want to take advantage of operating system features only available in the new release?
You need support for the latest chip version from your silicon vendor?

NetModule is your partner for custom Board Support Package (BSP) and driver development. Our technical expertise with various hardware platforms and operating systems give you the confidence to get a reliable BSP on time and in budget. We maintain an elaborate database containing key data of BSPs and drivers that we developed during the last 15 years. This data helps us to provide our customers with reliable effort estimations and performance evaluations.

We are Experts

  • Customization of bootloader
  • Customization of reference BSPs
  • Custom driver development
  • NAND FLASH, DMA, PCI Express
  • OS optimization: Boot time, power management, real-time performance

Supported Operating Systems and Boot Loaders:

  • Linux
  • U-Boot

For Linux devices, NetModule prefers yocto to build a tailored distribution consisting of tool-chain, boot loader, kernel and root filesystem for your device.
We help you migrate your proprietary build system to yocto. Get more information here >

Hardware Platforms:

  • ARM: Cortex-A9 (ZYNQ, i.MX6), Cortex-A8 (i.MX53), ARM11, Marvell PXA Series
  • PowerPC: QorIQ, PowerQUICC Series (MPC854x, MPC83xx, MPC8260), AMCC440EPx
  • Intel X86: Celeron M, Pentium 4, Atom

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Stefan Leuenberger

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