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Device Management

Router Management/Management for NetModule Router - Device Management

NetModule provides technologies and applications for robust and secure communications between remote devices and server/cloud services.

Connectivity Suite

The NetModule Connectivity Suite is a lean device and network management system, which simplifies device overview, installation and maintenance of a NetModule router network thanks to central administration. It supports administrators to integrate, configure and monitor their devices from one location in a secure way.

Cloud Router

In most projects, the Cloud Router is a good choice since it is easy to start with but also powerful enough when your project it growing over several hundreds of remote stations. A big advantage of this approach is also that you are totally independent from your company's or and your customer's IT infrastructure.

For installation on Debian or internet hosting solutions like Amazons Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) or Hetzner Online.

Hardware Appliance

For small installations with up to 25 remote stations the NB1600 Wireline variant can be used as hardware appliance which provides also essential VPN concentrator functionality.

For installation in the own computing centre.


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