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Connectivity Suite – Public Transport

In the public transport area routers are mostly not installed at ideal locations. Furthermore, routers are sometimes moving constantly and are often hard to access. Integrations of new routers or repairs and exchanges of faulty routers are often difficult to manage.

The Connectivity Suite helps to manage your vehicles or vending machines remotely in any situation at any location without accessing the devices directly. It doesn’t matter if the router is installed in a trolley bus, subway, tram, bus or even in a ticket vending machine. The Connectivity Suite helps to manage NetModule routers or the onboard devices such as CAMS, Ticketing machines etc. by providing the following benefits:


  • Benefit from automatic, repeatable and consistent deployments for complete vehicle- or vending machine fleets at any scale to save time and costs.
  • Easy and fast integration of network devices into extensive networks to ensure clear and easy implementations at lowest cost.
  • Benefit from robust and secure communications between your vehicles/vending machines devices and server/cloud services to provide the best performance at best security.
  • Monitor your vehicles in real time to optimize the uptime and provide reliable tracking of your network devices.

 The Connectivity Suite provides several interfaces to communicate and a highly scalable architecture to add networks and NetModule routers using it at on-Premises or as cloud-based installation. The Connectivity Suite allows to support up to 150 networks each running on a virtual VPN server. To communicate the Connectivity Suite provides several interfaces:

  • Machine to machine-based communication (M2M) based on a REST API
  • Human to machine interface (HMI) via browser-based web interface using different user roles to restrict access on different levels
  • VPN access from as example a Backoffice/Operation and Control Center (OCC) to the end devices via VPN servers in the Connectivity Suite to run customer applications

On the home server of the Connectivity Suite several applications are running for Over-the-Air (OTA) configuration, integration and monitoring of your NetModule routers.


The configuration management gives instant access to latest configuration of any device and enables OAT- configuration/updates. Software and configuration updates can be scheduled so that they’re executed automatically at the desired time. Bulk configuration of a complete vehicle or vending machine fleet can be executed remotely at once. The technicians will only have to install the hardware and the software can be managed remotely later.

The Connectivity Suite enables the user to create logical grouping (tenants) and separation of several network sites within one management platform. NetModule routers can be easily integrated into an existing group. This allows fast and easy extension of the existing fleet. The Connectivity Suite also automates the management of secure communication between server, tenants and the devices (incl. end devices) using proven encryption techniques such as OpenVPN.

The monitoring platform component continuously supervises the connection status of devices and networks. The feature allows reliable monitoring of the installed devices. Whenever a network of a bus or tram fails the Connectivity Suite will proactively inform the user about the network change in his fleet.

See the Connectivity Suite instruction manual or datasheet for more details.


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