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Key Features

  • Central device and network management
  • Auto-setup of encrypted VPN infrastructure for secure communication
  • Automated and scheduled remote OTA updates and configurations
  • Connection state supervision
  • On-Premise or cloud-based installation

Connectivity Suite

Build, monitor and manage your network infrastructure

Connectivity Suite

The Connectivity Suite, a web-based and modular management platform for NetModule devices helps to manage complex and fast-growing networks and components to save time and money.

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Build your Network – The configuration management gives instant access to latest configuration of any device and enables OTA- configuration/updates. Software and configuration updates can be scheduled so that they’re executed automatically at the desired time. Bulk configuration of a complete machine fleet is possible. In support or maintenance cases a fast-remote access is possible.

Monitor your Devices – The monitoring platform component continuously supervises the connection status of devices and networks. The overall status is part of the platform dashboard and allows reliable monitoring of the installed devices. Condition monitoring of connected field devices is possible. Faulty interfaces can be identified efficiently and provide therefore a fast troubleshooting.

Manage your Network Sites – The connectivity suite enables the user to create logical grouping (tenant) and separation of several network within one management platform. NetModule routers can be easily integrated into an existing group. Connectivity Suite automates the management of secure communication between server, tenants and the devices (incl. end devices) using proven encryption techniques such as OpenVPN.


BuildAutomatic setup of secured VPN networks (Open VPN)
Remote provisioning of NetModule routers
Automatically setup of router and VPN server configuration
Remote device assignment to a network
Replicate various networks with identical IP addresses using 1:1 NAT
Add generic devices to a network
Integration of Devices via private APN
MonitorMonitor the connection status of the devices and networks
Monitor the uptime of the connected devices
Comprehensive and central overview of the networks and their devices
Overview of the scheduled configuration & firmware updates
ManageRemotely create, delete or modify networks
Remotely add, disconnect or modify devices
OTA bulk configurations and firmware updates of NetModule routers
Central management of device configuration and firmware
Upload and store complete configurations or configuration snippets
Remotely change configurations or configuration snippets
Historicize all configuration changes
Schedule device configuration and firmware updates
InterfacesHMI communication interface based on a https web interface
M2M communication interface based on a REST API
VPN (OpenVPN) interface to directly access the connected devices
PlatformUser management (roles, groups, tenants)
Install the CS instance on an in-house or cloud server
Open platform to be customized on UI
Max. 22'500 devices (max. 150 Tenants per instance and max. 150 devices per Tenant)
Order numbers:
(contact sales for more information)
CS with VPN, annual license for ≤ 20 devices
CS with VPN, annual license for ≤ 50 devices
CS with VPN, annual license for ≤ 100 devices
CS with VPN, annual license for ≤ 200 devices


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