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E.I. Medical Imaging Ibex®

E.I. Medical Imaging Ibex ®/ - E.I. Medical Imaging Ibex®

The New Generation of Portable Ultrasound - Results You Can Clearly See


E.I. Medical Imaging provides the veterinarian and livestock producer with portable ultrasound solutions to make a positive management impact on their practice and business.

The Ibex® is the fifth generation of ultrasound systems, providing veterinarian and producers alike with the tools and information they require to be competitive in today's demanding environments. Features include: all-digital image, impact and dust resistant, quick zoom, cine loop (four-second video playback), flash drive image storage and wireless link.


NetModule provides professional design services for high speed digital signal processing. Our specific domain know-how for ultrasound imaging applications guarantees high quality solutions and a fast time-to-market.

  • VHDL based design flow
  • Structured modular design methodology
  • Efficient verification by means of VHDL test-benches and regression testing
  • Constraining, synthese & place and route
  • Xilinx alliance partner


The heart of the Ibex® all-digital Ultrasound imaging unit is the digital signal processor. A high performance FPGA is a perfect platform because very high DSP processing throughput is required for the essential function modules:

  • Beamformer for the computation of high resolution Ultrasound beams from many parallel receiver channels.
  • Signal processing chain for filtering, envelope detection and signal enhancement.
  • Scan converter for the transformation of polar or rectangular scanning formats to a standard video compatible format.


Chas Maloy, President, E.I. Medical Imaging


For the new Ibex® Ultrasound scanner, E.I.Medical has chosen NetModule AG for the development of the FPGA based processing unit. The project has been succeessfully completed thanks to a sound knowledge of signal aquisition and processing technology supported by a well proven FPGA/ASIC development methodology and tool chain.

Chas Maloy, President, E.I. Medical Imaging