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Emergency Services

Emergency Services/Emergency Services with NetModule Routers - Emergency Services

Authorities and organizations with security tasks such as fire brigades, rescue services (including emergency physicians), police, disaster control and civil protection require an always functioning, secure and reliable Internet connection for mobile communication. Whether it is Internet research, contact with higher-level command centers or telephony with VoIP; NetModule offers the right products for use in mission-critical applications in public safety.

NB2800 - The better router for emergency services

NetModules vehicle routers are multi-WAN routers designed for mobile communication in road traffic. The devices are E1 certified and support the latest wireless technologies such as LTE Advanced and WLAN IEEE802.11ac. The NB2800 router is ideally suited for use in emergency vehicles and mobile command centers: It supports multiple SIM cards and has several WAN ports, an extended temperature range from -25° to +70°C, as well as secure VPN connections.

Success Story BRC Ansbach

The command vehicle of the support group for the emergency medical command team of the Bavarian Red Cross has been modernized. NetModule has provided a NB2710 router, which is now used as the heart of the communication solution.