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Remote Management Over the Mobile Network

Remote controlling and monitoring have never been as important as today and have never been feasible so straightforward over the mobile network. The NB1600 of NetModule as a powerful and programmable industrial mobile broadband router enables robust communication wherever a landline is too impractical, too expensive or even unavailable.

Potential purposes for the NB1600 are everywhere – whether for monitoring a water supply, an early warning system for black ice on a motorway or for controlling lighting systems.
The principle of operation is very similar in each case. A combination of sensors and actuators is connected to the NB1600. The router establishes a VPN connection to the control center over the mobile network. Over this VPN tunnel the data can safely be transported, regardless of fixed lines.

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Products for a reliable solution for remote management

Suitable for Industrial Use on the DIN Rail

By fulfilling the DIN EN 61000-6-2 and DIN EN 60950-1 norms, the devices of the NB1600 product line are suitable for use in the industrial field. They have a high interference immunity and security standard and are designed for the temperature range from -25 °C to +70 °C. With its integrated mounting clip, the device can be quickly installed on a DIN rail.

Usage of the Mobile Network

The routers of the NB1600 product line are equipped with a 4G (LTE) or a 3G (UMTS/ HSPA+) module with max. 100 mbps downlink and 50 mbps uplink. They also support 2G (GSM/GPRS/EDGE) and select the best available service automatically.

Flexible Connection Possibilities

The NB1600 come with two Ethernet ports, which can individually be configured. Each port can be configured as a WAN port or a LAN port to form a switch or to separate to networks.
For example, a PLC for sensor control can be connected over Ethernet. In addition, the routers are equipped with two isolated binary inputs and two relay outputs for direct connection of sensors and actuators. The provided USB port enables fast configuration and firmware updates from memory stick, but can also be configured as a device server. This also applies for the RS-232 serial interface, which can in addition be used as a system console.

Secure Transmission of Data

For secure data transmission between NB1600 and control center, the router firmware supports common VPN technologies such as IPsec and OpenVPN. With only a few clicks over the web interface, the VPN parameters can be configured and the tunnel be established. Additionally the data can be prioritized with Quality of Service (QoS) according to its importance.

Functions and Applications Easily Programmable

NetModule’s router software has an included SDK, with which it’s easy to realize further functions and small applications. For example it’s possible to trigger an SMS alarm over the NB1600 if a sensor provides critical data. It’s also possible to address and program the different interfaces of the NB1600.

Additional Features

The software update of the router is fail-safe. When issuing an update, the current configuration will be backed up and reapplied after the update. Any other modifications to the file system will be erased.
As an additional feature, the NB1600 can also be equipped with a WLAN module and act as an access point. Other features are DHCP server, DNS proxy server, DynDNS agent, SNMP agent, Telnet/SSH server, web client and e-mail client.