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Industrial IoT Routers

Industrial IoT Routers/Industrial IoT Routers - Industrial IoT Routers

The new compact routers of NetModule open up numerous possibilities to develop the industrial Internet of Things.

The NB800 Compact Router Series is designed specifically for cost-sensitive connectivity applications in combination with big unit sizes. The focus is therefore on easy integration and remote configuration and management. Features include a 3G/4G cellular/Ethernet gateway and a powerful VPN protocol suite. A hardware shield concept brings additional flexibility to turn the NB800 into an application specific tailored device (OEM) or to follow the technology changes.


The wall-mounted NB800 with UMTS and Ethernet provides WAN access and enables applications for the IoT and industry. 


The NB800 with LTE interface is perfectly suited for straightforward connectivity tasks which require high bandwidth. 


NB800 LTE & WiFi

Equipped with LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy, the NB800 enables multiple possibilities to integrate sensors and actuators easily into the network.

NB800 WiFi

The NB800 with WiFi only enables robust Internet connection as a WiFi access point or for applications like asset tracking.

NB800 E-Mark

The NB800 with E-Mark enables robust Internet connection for connectivity tasks in public transport. 


NB800 OEM Platform

The OEM Platform with LTE/UMTS, WiFi, Bluetooth and BLE provides a high level of modularity to target customer specific applications. The platform convices with field proven technology and allows fast time to market for cost effective products.


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