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Connectivity Suite

Connectivity Suite/Management for NetModule Router - Connectivity Suite

Build, monitor and manage your network infrastructure with NetModule's Connectivity Suite


The NetModule Connectivity Suite is a lean device and network management system, which simplifies device overview, installation and maintenance of a NetModule router network thanks to central administration. It supports administrators to integrate, configure and monitor their devices from one location in a secure way.

White Paper - Industrial Fleet Management

In the industrial fleet management, the production plants are often at different sites and operated by different customers. Establish access to the plant in maintenance or support cases is often time-consuming and costly on customer and operator side. Furthermore, connectivity between the plants cross-customer is difficult to control.
The Connectivity Suite provides condition monitoring to keep your network under surveillance and OTA configuration and updates to manage your plant remotely in any situation at any location without accessing the devices directly.


White Paper - Public Transport

In the public transport area routers are mostly not installed at ideal locations. Furthermore, routers are sometimes moving constantly and are often hard to access. Integrations of new routers or repairs and exchanges of faulty routers are often difficult to manage.
The Connectivity Suite helps to manage your vehicles or vending machines remotely in any situation at any location without accessing the devices directly.



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