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Mar 3, 2017

NetModule at the HMI 2017

H27, Booth L40 (Joint booth

At the HMI, NetModule AG presents several new products: The NB800 EcoRouter is the first device of a new Industrial/IoT product family. This highly compact device is designed specifically for cost-sensitive connectivity applications in combination with big unit sizes. The focus is therefore on easy integration and remote configuration and management. The router is available in an IP40 or optionally in the IP65 housing and is designed for stationary use in indoor and outdoor applications. Features include a 3G/4G cellular/Ethernet gateway and a powerful VPN protocol suite. The NB800 is also available in customer specific OEM variants.

The NB1600 product line for harsh industrial environments now integrates a ModBus TCP port, which has been developed for use in industrial Ethernet networks.

For simple and secure management of the routers, NetModule offers the Connectivity Suite: a modular web-based platform with API, router management and private VPN server. The Connectivity Suite guarantees protection of investment by growing with the application: the suite is powerful enough for projects that extend to several hundred routers.

As a first result of NetModule's integration into the LoRa-Alliance and the associated cooperation with other members, NetModule presents the functional model of a LoRaWAN gateway. LoRa is characterized by extremely low current consumption and usability in point-to-point or point-to-multipoint applications, which do not require any infrastructure. Target applications are telemetry, condition monitoring, object tracing and smart metering as well as applications in which small amounts of data are transmitted by radio over long distances in energy-efficient manner.

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