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May 29, 2017

Radio Equipment Directive (RE-D)

The European Commission points out that there will be still no restrictions on the purchase of electrical appliances as from summer 2017.

Several media had reported that due to the lack of standardization certain devices can no longer be sold on the EU market as of 13 June 2017. In fact, all products that are already on the market can still be sold. For new products for which the standardization organization of the telecommunications industry has not yet provided harmonized standards, manufacturers can fall back upon other safety tests to obtain the CE safety label.

In 2014, the EU adopted higher safety standards for radios, televisions, mobile telephones, satellite receivers or devices with WiFi and Bluetooth. As a result, manufacturers will be obliged to comply with new technical industrial standards, which are developed by the European Institute for Telecommunication Standards (ETSI). The ETSI is responsible for standardization in the field of telecommunications and cooperates closely with industry representatives. The EU Member States and the European Parliament had adopted the new directive in 2014. It has been in force since 13 June 2016 in all Member States with a transitional period until 12 June 2017. Therefore, ETSI already had time since 2014 to elaborate the new standards.

However, the ETSI has so far only worked out a part of the standards that apply to the new safety standards. These have already been published by the Commission in the Official Journal of the European Union. They are already binding for all manufacturers. For the missing standards: The Commission may, if the ETSI does not submit the standards within the time limit, continue to apply the old provisions, if they comply with the requirements of the new directive. In addition, manufacturers have the possibility to certify the safety and conformity of their devices by other ways and means.

By the way, consumers recognize standardized and certified devices by the label CE.


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