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Apr 7, 2016

NetModule Router Software Security Notice

No Private Keys stored on the NetModule Routers
The NetModule Router Software does not contain any hardcoded keys or certificates. The user must explicitly create the keys and certificates required for securing services (e.g. HTTP and SSH servers) or for implementing authentication and encryption (e.g. for VPN tunnels and WLAN clients) when configuring the NetModule Router. If even stronger cryptography is mandatory, NetModule suggests creating the keys on an external RNG (random number generator) device or managing all certificates completely on a remote certification server.

No Default Passwords or Credentials
The NetModule Router Software does not apply any default password or default credentials. The user must explicitly set the password of the administrator at the first start-up of the NetModule Router and thereby automatically sets the root password to the same password. The WebManager then allows creating further users with respective credentials.

USB Autorun
The USB Autorun feature is neither prone to brute-force attacks nor to attacks based on password dictionaries. It is started with a delay of at least 3 seconds after plugging in the USB stick. It cannot be run in parallel. Furthermore, physical access to the NetModule Router is required.

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